“How the Pterodactyl Got His P” – A Tribute to the Just So Stories of Rudyard Kipling

“But then I thought that I could go one better. I could write my own story of how some facet of life came to be, in the style of one of Kipling’s classic fables. Naturally, I chose how the Pterodactyl got the silent P in his name as the subject for my story.”


Wall-E is a Metaphor for Noah’s Ark

“One of them is a story about a world corrupted by greed and sin, where a giant ship is constructed to save the remnants of humanity from a terrible calamity that befalls the earth, where the only surviving humans must wait on this ship until the earth is safe to inhabit again, and in which a small white creature is sent to scour the earth and bring back a green plant as a sign of life…… and the other is in the old testament.”